Current Status (Spring 2016)

Following completion of the Heritage Lottery funded project and the publication of the project reports (listed elsewhere) a detailed analysis was made on a case by case basis of the strength of the historical evidence discovered for re-establishing ‘lost ways’ in Hampshire that fulfil a modern need.

Claims will need to be submitted for any such path before the cut-off date in 2026.

Naturally this evidence covers a spectrum of outcomes ranging from ‘very strong evidence’ to ‘none’. The 1200+ cases researched by PATHH were graded into a prioritised list so that the most significant claims can be submitted in advance of 2026.

A few cases from the very top of the list have been submitted to HCC processing, these claims will be determined according to HCC’s processing rules.

The remaining potential claims (approximately xx) are in preparation but will be held back until the commencement of the Deregulation Act Regulations in respect of PRoW (expected in July 2016).

The provisions of the Deregulation Act provide a more streamlined and more flexible approach to the process of considering claims for additions to the Definitive Map and should be of help to claimants, landowners and HCC. For more details see the link below in Section 8)